Dispatcher / Station House Officer


Dispatcher/Station House Officer Benefits
Effective October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2020 

The Department accepts applications on a year round basis.

Salary Range

$44,868 to $60,128 (Top pay in 6 years) 

8-Hour Work Schedule

Dispatchers are assigned to 8-hour shifts. Schedule will include some weekends, holidays, and nights. 


8-14 years $350 annually
15-19 years $700 annually
20+ years $1,000 annually 


401K Retirement Plan. City contributes 13% of salary, employee contributes 3% of salary.

457 Deferred Compensation/VantageCare Plan. Contributions to these plans are made solely by the employee.

Annual Leave / Vacation / Holidays

1-4 years 192 hours
5-9 years 218 hours
10+ years 244 hours 


No state or local employment taxes. 

Health / Vision Insurance

Employee coverage provided. City shall pay $1,625 for employee/spouse or employee/child or $2,400 for full-family coverage. 

Life Insurance

Employee salary plus $10,000. 

Dental Insurance

Coverage available at an additional charge. 

Education Benefits

Tuition reimbursement up to $1,500 annually, including tuition/books. 

Clothing Allowance

$200 annually (Uniforms provided) 

Sick Leave

Employee earns 104 hours per year. Special incentives for unused sick time (details available). 

Funeral Leave

Up to 3 consecutive days with approval of the Police Chief. 

Fitness Center

In-house fitness center.